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Copperhood Spa

There are four key elements to a well-balanced life — exercise, nutrition, peace of mind and care of the body. We provide every guest with the opportunity to embrace these elements in order to make long- lasting lifestyle changes that improve wellness, beauty and longevity.  

Our health and wellness programs are focused on balancing and rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.  Our approach is to integrate naturopathic and conventional medicines in order to address all the concerns of the individual client.  The expertise of a consulting doctor, naturopaths, fitness instructors, spa therapists, nutritionists and alternative health practitioners may be called upon in the creation of individual programs to treat goals such as weight-management, toning and slimming, anti-aging, stress relief and general well-being.

We are committed to quality, attention to detail, and a deep respect for the nature that surrounds us.  From Zen meditation in the morning to gentle yoga in the evening, we help you remain mindfully present from moment to moment throughout your day.  

Here, you may do as much or as little as you desire: indulge your senses, calm your spirit.

Spa services are offered only to our residencial guests.

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