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Copperhood's Spa Detox Program

Our bodies have evolved with an inherent ability to heal themselves.  When we take part in a detox program, we flush toxins from the body, thus facilitating the natural processes that keep us healthy.

Fasting advances the detoxing process because it makes the body turn for energy to its fat reserves, where most toxins are stored.  As the fat breaks down, it releases the stored toxins into the blood stream, which is then quickly and naturally purified by our body’s circulatory and excretory systems.

The Copperhood’s juicing and raw food fasts rely on pure, freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices, aromatic potassium broth, bountiful salads, nuts and seeds.  The flavors, textures and colors of our delicious cocktails and vegan dishes will delight and satisfy you.

Another benefit of fasting is the healing process it triggers.  During a fast, energy is diverted away from the digestive system and toward the immune system.  We know animals stop eating when they are wounded, and that we feel less hungry when we are sick.  Our bodies are letting us know that they need to focus their energies on healing.

As your body eliminates impurities, your body PH becomes balanced, you sleep better, your vital energy and mental clarity increases, and stress and tension diminishes.  With stress reduction comes improved concentration and mindfulness, radiance and vitality.

Fasting also triggers rapid weight loss.  Once the body is in fasting mode, it becomes accustomed to going without food.  The stomach actually shrinks, so once you’re done with your fast, you'll be satisfied with smaller portions.

Detoxification is an important rejuvenating process in health maintenance.  It is a time when we allow our cells and organs to breathe out, and restore themselves.  Take the first step and improve quality of your life!

View Rates - 3 Night - 7 Night - 14 Night - 21 Night