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Copperhood's Rebuild Your Fitness Program

You have made significant first step on the path to physical fitness by reading this information.  The next step is to decide that you are going to be physically fit.

Ideally to be fit you need to do combinations of eating well and exercising sufficiently.

The key to weight control and fitness restoration is keeping energy intake (food) and energy output (physical activity) in balance.  It’s a simple equation when you come down to it! If you consume only as many calories as your body needs, your weight will usually remain constant.  If you take in more calories than your body burns, you will put on excess fat.  If you expend more energy than you take in, you will burn fat.

All of our wellness programs include daily exercise routines to awaken your metabolism and to keep it in high gear throughout the day.

Starting the morning with a brisk power walk is beneficial to any fitness level.  A variety of hikes and nature walks spanning the ridges of the Catskill Mountains will build up your stamina and cardiopulmonary endurance.  Daily yoga classes will improve your flexibility and range of motion, and increase the core strength so important for your posture and the health of your back.

Swimming and Aqua aerobic classes are great if you have injuries to contend with, as water exercise puts less stress on your joints than dry exercise.  Weight workouts, boot camp, abs-focused exercise and dance classes are other physical fitness options here at the Copperhood.

You will have a chance to explore many exercise options here and decide which routine brings the greatest satisfaction to your daily practice.

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