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Copperhood's Ayurveda Pancha Karma Program

Ayurveda defines health as having a peaceful mind, happy and calm emotions, and a body free of toxins.  Our stressful and toxic environment impinges on our mental and physical systems, which in turn invites deterioration of our health.  Pancha Karma can help reverse the harmful effects of stressful living by cleansing the body of toxins, balancing mental and physical systems, improving bodily functions, as well as teaching us how to maintain constitutional vitality and clarity.

The Pancha Karma program is based on unique, holistic therapeutic treatments focused on ridding the body's deep tissues of toxins, opening blocked energy channels and enhancing positive lifestyle changes long term.

There are many regional variations on the Pancha Karma protocols but basically there are three stages: pretreatment, primary treatment and post-treatment.

The Pancha Karma program should be individually designed and monitored by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor.  He will assess and evaluate the client's health and will choose herbs and procedures that will help treat specific disorders and prevent disease.

The beneficial effects of Pancha Karma will be seen and experienced in overall health, wellness, and in the stimulation of the self-healing ability of the body.  Many people find that the most profound healing occurs during the post-treatment rejuvenation phase.  Physical, emotional and spiritual changes may be experienced in the weeks after Pancha Karma.

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