Juice and Bone Broth

In our detox and accelerated weight loss plans you'll drink delicious and satisfying concoctions extracted from raw fruits and vegetables.  All the organic produce is grown on the premises or by an affiliated local farmer in the area. All our health cocktails are extracted in cold press just minutes before being served streamside or fireside, in elegant stemware. Our homegrown wheatgrass, unparalleled for the vitality it provides, is juiced in the morning so that you may start your day with a burst of nutrition. All our juices supply the nutritional components for the body's healing processes.

Our bone broth is simmered for long hours to extract all essential nutrients. It is rich in natural collagen and antioxidants and it has no sugar. Both plans are incredibly effective in jump starting weight loss and blood glucose control as well as treating a wide variety of chronic aliments. They are also appropriate to anyone simply wishing to detox and feel better..

8:30 am Breakfast: wheatgrass juice  

9:00 am breakfast juice or bone broth

12:30 pm Lunch juice or bone broth    

3:00 pm Snack juice or bone broth

4:00 pm Potassium broth

6:00 pm Dinner: bone broth

No deductions for missed meals.