Sample of a Days Activities

Schedule of Activities

8:30 Shot of fresh wheatgrass juice    Detox
8:30-9:30 Breakfast     Raw, Classic
9:00 Breakfast    Detox
9:20 Zen meditation. Yoga studio.Come 5 min later if  you do not need introduction Detox, Raw, Classic
10:00 –12:00 Hike on Tanbark trai with Max. Rough trail. Wear hiking boots, light colored clothing. Indoor option for cardio: treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike at the gym.   Detox, Raw, Classic
12:30 Lunch Detox    Detox, Raw, Classic
1:00 Dry skin brushing and sauna    Detox, Raw, Classic
2:00 Yoga with Nicole    Detox, Raw, Classic
3:00 Juice snack    Detox
3:10 Aqua-aerobic with Kathy    Detox, Raw, Classic
4:00 Lap swimming    Detox, Raw, Classic
5:00 Potassium broth    Detox
6:00 Dinner    Detox, Raw, Classic
8:00 Movie to be announced


2:00 Boris hydrotherapy soak with Mary Ellen
3:00 Nellie hydrotherapy soak with Mary Ellen
4:00 Camila mud wrap with Ruth
4:00 Frances facial with Hallie
5:00 Meg facial with Hallie
5:00 Philip deep tissue massage with Jason
5:00 Jeff reflexology with Mary Ellen
6:30 Frances salt scrub with Hallie