Signature & Combination Treatments

Sleep Surrender 50/75 minutes   $165/$220
(late evening massage with essential oils)

European body treatment 100 minutes $265
(includes gommage scrub, herbal essence wrap and 50min. body massage)

Holistic therapy package 100 minutes $265
(aromatherapy massage, reflexology and Indian head massage)

Herbal body treatment 75 minutes $225
(gommage scrub, herbal essence wrap and 25 min. massage)

Scrub and herbal wrap 50 minutes $175

Thalasso therapy sampler 100 minutes $265
(dead sea salt scrub, hydrotherapy soak and massage)

Seasonal Massage treatment 100 minutes $265
(Combination of Swedish/Shiatsu/hot stone/reflexology with steamingtowels infused with essential oils. /copyright by Mary Ellen. Featured Fashion Journal February 2010.)