Guest Testimonials


Some of the verifiable entries from our guest book and email:

January 2018 What a wonderful experience! Much appreciated. See you next time! Cheers, Stacy and Fred

December 2017 Thank you so much for making my stay so special. Love, David

November 2017 Thank you once again for everything! Nancy

October 2017 Thanks for providing me with one of the best weeks of my life! I feel like a new person. Can’t wait to return! Love, Camilla

September 2017 Thank you for all of your help. Cindy

August 2017 Thank you so much for the most perfect stay at your most perfect place! I look forward to returning. Much love, Joyce

July 2017 Thank you! I am a new person! Arthur

June 2017 Just a note to say – THANKS! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed participating in your program. I will be back! Peter

May 2017 Miss seeing you guys! I will most certainly be back! Hugs to everyone. Erin

April 2017 Thank you so much for everything! Liz

March 2017 Thank you for the wonderful week!!! I am feeling very well and do meditation every day for 10 minutes. With loving thoughts, Robyne

February 2017 Thank you so much for everything last week. I definitely kicked away some bad habits and practiced much better coping mechanisms. Your place was a godsend for me.  I reset everything and feel mentally and emotionally strong again. Your caring manner and friendly nature definitely helped!   I will keep in touch. Elizabeth's spirit, tenacity and joie de vivre resonated strongly with me.  I admire her for what she has achieved and am inspired by how she views life's many challenges. Karen

January 2017 There is progress my friends…. I weighed myself when I first got home and my scale was exactly one pound less than your scale.   So…with all that math out of the way, I am down a full 12lbs!   This morning I weighed in at 159.1lbs.   My neck is skinny, my wrists are skinny and even my fingers….still working on my butt!  Beth R

December 2016 Just a quick note to say thank you once more for a lovely experience!  I am very happy!  I feel rested and re-set Best warm wishes to everyone there and I will see you again soon! Thank you, Heather

September 2016 Thank you for your hospitality and for the experience this past weekend at your lovely resort. Monica and I learned a lot and got some much needed down time. Darrell

June 2016 Thank you so much for everything, I still feel great, started juicing again Hope to continue the weight loss. Please say Hi to everyone for me and give Chort a big kiss! Margaret

March 2016 I have been thinking of you since I left. I wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing experience. Marianna

March 2016 "Thank you for the fabulous retreat - it was exactly what I needed. Anne K, St Joseph MO

February2016 Thank you so much for a wonderful week. I wish I could have stayed longer. You have such a lovely, welcoming way about you. You managed to make me feel like I was at home all week. Not just in fasting with me, but in all you do. You're a wonderful hostess and a truly lovely person.
I am so proud of what I accomplished this week and I'm so thankful that you offered a place that was conducive to me achieving my goals. It wasn't easy, but yet it was. I know that my real challenges are in front of me, but I really feel like I'm prepared. I'm fortunate to have a loving and supportive family to allow me to go away and take care of me for a week. I hope to return to your spa someday and am already convincing my husband he needs to come with me next time." Ann D, Boston, Mass

November 2015. - Thank you very much for the wonderful stay. It actually did change my eating habits and I have continued to lose weight. Thanks a lot again and I hope to keep in touch and hopefully visit back soon! Nada Z, New York, NY

October 2015 - Just wanted to give you an update. My first week back home wasn’t too bad, I was really watching what I ate. After investing in me for the weekend and having the colonic and all I wanted to keep my system clean. The second week I continued to make good choices, I refuse to gain what I lost. When I got back to work everyone noticed I lost weight, they were like… “You look like you slimmed down” or “your glowing” – detoxing has its benefits huh?!! I feel good. I’m still doing my aerobics and yoga, I even went to a Zumba class the other night, Adela R, New York, NY

•August 2015 -" Having previously spent a week there with 2 friends to celebrate the 50th year of our respective births, I decided to return to the Copperhood. This time to do a juice fast to rebalance my numbers (blood pressure and blood sugar) as a complement the general relaxation and de-stressing I felt I needed. On arrival, Elizabeth’s warm welcome and the setting alone started the ball rolling. While there, I met an eclectic, international group of women ranging from their 20s to their 50s, some were first-timers and others were returning guests.  We blended well, discovered that we had a great deal in common, supported each other, enjoyed the juice, and shared lots of laughter. After a week of scenic morning hikes, meditation, aqua aerobics, steam room/sauna, spa treatments and time just for relaxation, with a little tai-chi thrown in, I left the Copperhood feeling myself smiling with my heart, mind, body and soul. " Karen Marcelle-Harper

• July 2015 "I checked into Copperhood, solo, in need of a break from career, family, obligations and an endless list of action items. I sought out a place where I would not be connected to technology and would be free from distractions. Copperhood was that place. Elizabeth and her staff are wonderful. They are accommodating, informative, friendly and managed our group's unique set of requirements. My goals included detoxing from sugar, caffeine and alcohol for a week. Although weight control is not the main objective of juicing, dropping 6 pounds in 4 days was a nice benefit. The schedule (hiking, meditation, yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics and interval training) was busy enough to divert your attention from being hungry, but was not so taxing that you were not able to enjoy yourself. You do not have to attend everything, but there's a lot of options to take advantage of. I would recommend weaning yourself off your obsessions before you check in to help alleviate headaches. The guest rooms could use an update, but they are quite comfortable and you can relax at the end of the day with top notch spa services. Elizabeth knows every trail like the back of her hand, and you will never find a better personal guide that will motivate and keep you moving. Before you set off on this adventure, be honest with yourself and your goals, and know that you will work hard and can achieve everything you set out to do, once you reach Copperhood. Thank you Elizabeth and staff for an experience that kicked off a life long journey". Maryanne B

• July 2015  "I have great news! I have been applying what you told me and lost about 5 more pounds.  I am almost 130 lbs which I think is perfect for my height.  I have started running around here as we do not have many hills like in the Catskills, so the walking around here cannot be challenging like Timberlake.  I had such a special time with you and you are a very caring person.  You have created something very meaningful at Copperhood.  
I wrote a glowing review of Copperhood on Trip Advisor. However, they said that it will take 48 hours to publish. I hope that you read it because I wrote wonderful things.
My time with you was very special and I will come back when I need to get back on track."
Michelle R

• July 2015 "I came back home feeling lighter and replenished. I don't think a vacation can get any better than that!"  Bunny

• May 2015, “ I got on the scale this morning and I was a pound and a half lighter than yesterday so the total weight loss was 5.5 pounds!!!!!! I would like to lose another 6.5 to be at my ideal weight but my primary goal is not to gain back the weight that I just lost.Thanks for everything. Your program really worked for us.”  Kim W NYC

• May 2015, "Thank you again for a wonderful retreat; I am already looking at my calendar to figure out when I might return." Hellen W

• April 2015 "I've been biking here and took a tour of a local YMCA close to my home. It offers every type of class...pilates,  yoga, aqua aerobics and more. Classes are very good. I think I'll be joining once my guest pass runs out. I feel really good, but need to start my once a week juice you recommended!!!
Miss everyone and was thinking of returning to Copperhood for a short retreat. Talk soon."
Connie M

• March 2015 "Outside of our Copperhood support team, I am pleased.  What I've taken from Copperhood was a focus on moderation.  So the concept of better foods, with the one day of an indulge day has been good.  For jucing purposes, I have only had juice twice.  You had encouraged to take one day a week where I juice or fast with lemon water.  I've done the lemon water fast three weeks out fo the 8 since being there.  When away from work it wasn’t feasible for me.  Exercise wise, I've done swimming at hotels when away and even some gym time.  Not much at home.  In all, I've taken off another 10 pounds since Copperhood.  Not tons in the last 2 months but I am feeling good and looking forward to better weather. So good to check in.  I have fond memories of the week there and have made lovely, unexpected friends since.  A real treat."  Chris N

• March 2015 "The time I spent with you at Copperhood has done wonderful things for me. I just got back from a 9 day cruise in which I was able to behave myself really well. 
It's been exactly two months since I went to your place and I have lost another 5-6 pounds by just controlling my food intake and working out 3 times a week. Today, I had my first cup of coffee since dec 27th, 2014.I can only thank you and your staff at Copperhood". Mario L

• April 2014, “I am completely re-energized (due largely to you and the amazing opportunity to "reset" my eating and health habits at Copperhood), so am starting this job completely renewed and reenergized. I will not forget about you haha  In fact, I just "LIKED" you on Facebook :). Anyhoo, hopefully I'll get a chance to get back there but until then will keep in touch.” Ashleigh  Y. NYC 

• December 2013,  “I wish you and Lech a terrific 2014. I also thank you again as I have so far kept much of the benefits I got from you: eating better, weight loss which went back up after I left I have brought down. Am waiting a little more before checking my blood but have to believe it is better. I have been vegan for awhile. I hate it but am sticking with it until I get down farther and have better blood #s and so on.  Then, I'd like to come back and move to an even better plateau so hopefully in the spring I will return. “ Bill S NYC
• October 2013, “I almost relapsed (the week before last I had two cigs, a few wines on a few occasions,  and huge home cooked meals....................but  have since got back on track..........this week I have been very good e.g. oats,  blueberries and walnuts  for breaky,
home-made tobulie and organic chicken sandwiches  for lunch ( yes eating bread but at least it is multi grain), and dinner has been small meals omelette last night, small pasta and big salad night before....................I am hanging in there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,will  try to get to aqua aerobics next week ( work has been shocking  but I have been working hard so that I get back to more reasonable hours by next week),  and I haven’t joined curves yet as I am not sure where I will be living ........I have been going for half hour walks and meditating.................................... I feel calm, competent and excited about my future Copperhood continues to be wonderful for me ................thank you, hi to all and I shall email again soon.”  Kathy K Australia

• October 2013, “My stay at Copperhood was beautiful and memorable. I am still using the meditation and many principles of promoting a healthy body that I learned from you. The energy at Copperhood was spiritually peaceful and left me much closer to my Higher Power... I'm sure I will see you again after you return from South Africa. I can't wait to hear about it! Love to all of you,” Mary
• October 2013  “Thank you again for a charming, cozy and healthy stay--I hope to return real soon!  Best to all...
 (oh, and I was so inspired by the plum tart, the goat cheese omelette and all the other yummy healthy meals, that I haven't stopped cooking since I've been home--Kids & Steve are enjoying all the healthy treats!!) “ Lea D  NY

• October 2013 “We had dinner with Bill last night and neither he nor Jay had dessert!  That is a big deal! Jay lost 10 pounds and hasn’t gained any back!  I on the other hand lost 4 but gained at least 1 back. But I'm thrilled. It was so great being there. I hope to get us back there soon.  Meryl is working away.  Hope to see her get juice in a bottle soon.”  Nancy  Z NYC

• August 2013,  “Thank you Elizabeth for this information and I am doing very well.  I was able to do little bit of research myself and I can't put my hands on it right now, but fasting and a dramatic drop in blood pressure is a known phenomenon, and explainable, in terms of fluid shifts and changes in the way our wonderfully complicated bodies chose to use energy.  I was inspired by you, your philosophy, and what you have created at Copperhood.    I hope to come back and please, please, climb Kille!  And please stay in touch.”  Annie RI  

• June 2013, “ I miss you all!  I have not stopped referring Copperhood to everyone and I understand one of my neighbors even came up and stayed with you!  I continue to reap the benefits of the healthy mentality I acquired during my wonderful week with you.  I have lost an additional 12lbs since I last saw you and have thrown all my size 16's and 14's into a bonfire.  Hope to ditch the 12s within a week or 2.  In total I have lost 35lbs since mid-June so am feeling so much healthier and happier.  Only 30lbs to go!!! My juicer has been put to good work and I even have Gurhan hooked on Green Juices.  He now uses green juice instead of milk on his cornflakes!  I have made zucchini spaghetti and eat raw most of the time now.  AND I found this great machine into which you put frozen fresh fruit and it churns out "sorbet". Thank you so much for the fantastic week and for reintroducing me to myself.  I do hope that you are all well and that Lech, Tanya and Alex continue to bring smiles into your day.  Do look me up if you are ever in the city...”  Fiona  T NYC

• June 2013, “I have to thank you myself.  I really felt like Copperhood allowed me to hit the 'reset' button and I really feel terrific starting out this trip!! “ Martie G

• May 2013, “On my last day, I weighed in at 214.5.  So 8.5 pounds lost while with you.  I'm continuing to eat raw and currently am at 211.  All in all, a fabulous kick start to my journey. The family said I looked shiny.  I think the bags under my eyes were finally gone, after 7 years! “ Jenny S MA

• April 2013, “I was just thinking about dropping you a note! I figured you might want to know if I am still holding strong. The answer is YES!! This is day #24 without a cigarette. It hasn’t been easy, I have had lots of temptations and cravings but I am hanging in there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You were so great and supportive and I really got the jump start that I needed at the spa. I hope to come again very soon. “ Alex B NYC     

• March 2013, “Special place, special people…I am grateful for my time here and to have met such lovely people!  My mind is quite and my body is energized…(and the food was yummy!) Thank you!” Lea L. MA

• February 2013 “Lovely Experience!!! Will miss you guys!! “ Brad L NY

• February 2013, “I have been singing your juices' praises ever since I left I have been eating more or less raw food.  So far the pounds have stayed off and I have been really, really good.... Take care and big greetings to everybody at Copperhood. “ Illiana V. NY

• February 2013, “I loved my stay with you at Copperhood and look forward to coming back soon.  I miss those lovely walks in the woods! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. “. Ann S NJ

• January 2013, ”  A wonderful experience!  Alexis B.  

• January 2013. “I had a wonderful week at Copperhood recently.  Thank you and everyone there so much for everything!  I enjoyed and appreciated all of the experiences.  Meditation with the Monks was a highlight.  The quality of your programs and instructors and therapists was Fabulous and the juices were great and food delicious!  I have lost and kept off  5 pounds and have not had bread, dairy or sweets since I have returned.  I am experimenting in the kitchen as well and my whole family has benefited.  I really learned a lot and got the jump start I was looking for. Many thanks again, hi to everyone and take care!  Xo “ Rachael G.- MA

• January 2013,” Beautiful and relaxing! Jennifer L. 

•  January 2013, “ Just wanted to write a quick thank you for the amazing retreat. I'd give anything to be back there now, it was such a pleasant and peaceful time and you all were so helpful and nice. Thanks again and hope you are doing well!” Amy D. -NY

• . January 2013, “A new way of living!” Martine R. NYC

•  October 2012,” Thank you for this fabulous recipe and for the unforgettable years at The Copperhood.  Every year there gets better and better. Best of all, you have long been one of the family! Fond regards,  “Anna D. October 2012

•  August 2012, “ What a treasured experience!  The staff and management are so helpful and developed great programs. All around well worth the effort and money!!! The photos from our stay remind us of why we have so many memories of all of you and of Copperhood...really missing the chef’s cooking and presentations!! Plus everyone's unfailing encouragement and great sense of humor!! Plus all the encouragement we got from all of you to keep up the effort.  Frank S. DC

•  August 2012,”  Thank you again for an amazing weekend. It was truly wonderful and lovely in every way, and your hospitality and generosity were incredible. We had a fantastic time. “ Erin L. 

•  August 2012, “Great, Great Time!!!  All around nice people, great setting and relaxing!!! “ Gail F. 

•  August 2012, “ We're out at a delicious vegan restaurant and thinking about you! We want to thank you so much for yet another wonderful stay!! “ Meryl and Lily  NYC

•  August 2012 , “ Had an energizing yet relaxing time.  Beautiful setting, everyone is friendly and helpful.  I will probably return for a juice fast.  Thank you! “ Shana. W. 

•  August 2012, “ I found a jewel in the mountains---Copperhood!  My stay here has been one of the most satisfying, healthy, and fun time of my life.  I shall miss very dearly Elizabeth, Lech, Tanya and Alex.  My heartfelt Thanks!  “ Buffy. C  DC

•  August 2012,” It was worth it!!! “Marlene B.

•  July 2012,”  Fantastic! Thank you, I cant wait to return! “ Felicia R.  NY

•  July 2012, “Wonderful! Beautiful space, beautiful people.  Just what I was looking for! Thank you!  Diane B. NY

May 2012, “ Thank you so much for everything.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered!  I'm in a much better state of mind now and looking forward to the next chapter in my life. “Michael T.

•  April 2012, “ The Copperhood Spa and Resort in Shandaken, NY is a beautiful, peaceful and very personal place in The Catskills. It feels nothing like a classic resort - and that is one if its compelling strengths. It has all the amenities, but none of the trappings. It’s a great place for people who share mutual love of the outdoors and are in touch with the value of life.  Andre B OH

•  December 2012, “ Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful time at the spa and wanted to say a special thank you to your chef  for the delicious meals.  I have incorporated some of the recipes into my cooking., Ellen W. 

•  October 2012,” Thank you so much for your hospitality during our stay. We enjoyed our week at Copperhood and are continuing on our path to wellness. We juiced some tomatoes & carrots today!”  Gina S. 

•  September 2012, “Hello all! It was truly a great week we had--I haven't stopped talking about it! And I've continued walking, which is remarkable in itself. I've even made some fruit smoothies--but no green stuff. “Leslie B. CA
•  September 2012, “I'm eating vegan and have great health results already.  My energy level is much higher now than before, so there are really no negatives in this program. I'm so grateful to you, your staff for giving me a chance to get my life back! Warmest regards, 
Outi C. NY

•  August 2012,”  I was re-energized (mentally and spiritually) in your little piece of heaven.” Alicia L

•  July 2012, “Wonderful! Beautiful space, beautiful people.  Just what I was looking for! Thank you! “ Diane B. 

•   May 2012, “Thank you so much for everything.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered!  I'm in a much better state of mind now and looking forward to the next chapter in my life. Michael T. 

•  July 2011, “Had a great time and found a new way to live.  Thanks!!! “ Matt B. DC

•  May 2012, ” Like coming home---as always!” Noel H.

•  December 2011, ”  Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful time at the spa and wanted to say a special thank you to your cook for the delicious meals.  I have incorporated some of the recipes into my cooking. Warmest regards,  “Ellen W.  NYC

• .July 2011, “ This is a place I will not forget!  So many special moments to remember and such special people that make the time great.  Gill P

 •  June 2011, “I had the time of my life-exceptional staff, tremendous facility, magical place. “ Nikole K. NYC

•  8/27/09, "My energy level is great. We go walking, hiking, bicycling and swimming. I have lost 13 pounds more since I left Copperhood. I had a new blood test taken and the doctor told me I am no longer diabetic and my thyroid levels are much better and I don't have to take anymore medication for those ailments anymore. I am having no problem sticking to a 50 percent raw food diet, and 50 percent cooked. I have learned to use food for fuel and nutrition and not for comfort anymore. On Sundays, we both do juicing and we feel great. I learned a lot of great lessons at Copperhood and I am grateful. I especially love doing yoga every day, and now I am finally able to do the traditional yoga poses on the floor without a chair. I am much more flexible, and it gets better every day. I am very happy. I would love to get the recipes for the Potassium broth and the "Not Tuna" pate salad. I am going canoeing tomorrow for the first time, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and great exercise! Thanks to everyone.", Carla

•  8/25/09, "Thank you again for a wonderful stay at your beautiful spa. I had such a wonderful time and feel really good still. Have still not had a diet coke :) Hopefully I can keep it up!", Melissa

•  8/15/09, "I am saving money to my return to your spa!!!! I fill so good right now and I am back to my routine of exercises. I haven´t gain my weight back and I think I won´t gain it back either. I am so glad I went there and like I told you before, I achieved everything I expected from the Spa. Keep in touch," Mayda.

•  7/24/09, "I have not seen any of my friends yet but my PT and my trainer thought I looked fantastic.", Deborah

•  6/13/09, "I am managing to eat better and I have been up walking first thing each day since I got back! Many thanks again to Colette and Elizabeth for a great stay. Take care.", Orla

•  5/22/09, "Elizabeth, we had a wonderful time last weekend. A break from our regular routines and a chance to relax and take care of ourselves was just what we needed. All of the people that did my treatments were great, the inn was very nice and Collette is the best. I'm sure she will be missed when she leaves in August. The only reason I give you a 4 for outdoor activities is because of the goats. If they walked behind me that would have been fine, but they kept stopping in front of me to eat. I'm sure we'll see you again! Thank you," Nicole

•  5/11/09, "My mother, sister and I discussed not only how delicious the food was, but how much better we felt eating in such a healthy manner. It made all of us reconsider our diets and vow to work in more vegetables and fish and to cut way back on meat, rice/potatoes and fried foods. Also, we found the power breathing exercises to be tremendously helpful in terms of addressing stress day-to-day and are trying to incorporate them into our daily lives.", Rochelle

•  5/6/09, "Actually I lost more than 5 pounds. I weighed myself on my WII system before I left and could not wait to weigh when I got home. I actually lost 7.3 pounds in 5 days! Awesome! I was REALLY glad to see my husband as he was to see me. I find myself using the breathing techniques that I learned and have been eating raw. Finally the lettuce that I buy has been eaten and did not spoil in the fridge! I sometimes feel like an addict that has left the rehab center. I want to keep the pounds off and loose a few more, and find myself afraid of food. But I have been easing myself onto solids and have been very conscious of my eating habits. Fruit, Salad, and nuts have been my mainstay. I eat a little protein and A LOT of raw veggies. Planning on getting a juicer, and waiting for my Zafu to arrive in the mail. I had a fantastic experience and look forward to visiting again soon.", Temah

•  2/24/09, "Elizabeth and staff I can not think of a single thing that you could of done or changed this experience! It was truly memorable I look so foward to coming back.", AnnMarie

•  Bonnie wrote: "All the way to heaven is heaven itself, at least at the Copperhood".

•  12/4/08, "I stopped smoking, lost 10 lb, my skin looks amazing and I am ready to face my life again", Lisa B

•  Ellen Frost wrote on 12/21/08, "Just what I needed. I will do it  for myself at regular intervals."

•  Michael Barack wrote on 11/29/08, "a memorable, restful, abundant experience."

•  11/25/08, Tracey Ewaskey and Andy Sarin, wrote "Wow! What an amazing getaway."

•  Lorraine W wrote on 4/15/08, "the first of many visits."

•  Nancy wrote, "we easily thought of coming here again first", 1/08.

•  1/08, Joy wrote, "I love the calm, relaxed atmosphere and the delicious food. I ate and yet I dropped weight."

•  "Thank you for taking such good care of me. I lost 6 pounds in 10 days and kept it off.  I discovered how much I enjoy being physically active and eating healthy without feeling deprived.", Jennifer Cobb

•  "Savored every minute-food", Kim Anonsen, 8/30/08.

•  Diane wrote, "we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

•  Tina McCarthy wrote, "a moment of peace and beauty. Stress and pounds vanished as my mind and body felt revitalized."

•  "The staff was so friendly and yet very professional," Karen C.

•  Elizabeth D wrote on 10/19/07, "Bliss!!!!!!! Nirvana!!!!!!…speechless."

•  "Your staff rose to the occasion and made us all feel renewed.", Ann C.

•  11/20/05, "What a gem. The secret is out.", Lisa Weitzman and Melissa Beamann.

•  Meryl Cohen wrote on 8/27/07, "It was amazing."

•  "My time spent here was out of this world.", said Angela Jamies, 8/19/07.

•  "Exceeded all my expectations.", Cheryl Welch, 7/22/07

•  Patricia and Thomas Byrne wrote on 6/2/07, "We felt so at home."

•  Martha Klessen wrote, "fantastic, especially hiking with Elizabeth and Brutus", 5/9/07.

•  Teri Charney wrote on 4/16/06, "A superb experience in  rejuvenation,"

•  1/20/06, "ahhhhhh!!!!", Pete and Susan Rawlins.

•  Zulena Sanchez and Brad Bell wrote, "This was a great find for us!"

•  The Humphries wrote, "very therapeutic and enjoyable for us."

•  5/24/97 Jim Stanton wrote, "an oasis away from worries."

•  Patty and Chris Rooney, "we fell in love all again", May 26 1996.

•  June 17 1996, Mark, Jane and Matthew wrote, "like old Europe-beautiful, elegant, restorative."

•  Tom and Rose Elliot,  "forward to the elegant past", 8/11/96.

•  Cliff Greenberg wrote on 8/28/05, "It’s heaven. My second home."

•  Cindy Kuhn wrote, "I really enjoyed my downtime and hope to return soon."

•  Leslie Davies wrote, "thank you for introducing us to hiking, healthy eating and wild mushrooms."

•  Mary Meyers wrote, "everyone was green with envy when  they saw us and as described our stay."

•  Aug 12 02 Asha wrote, "I needed to get back to the place again. What I accomplished here will last me for a while. I really crave your nurturing."

•  Wanda Wallace wrote  on 2/22/02, "Wow! What a lovely time I’d had just focusing on me, on what I want and need. The results speak for themselves."

•  Paige wrote, on 2/22/02, "a wonderful place to spend time and relax reconnect with yourself."

•  "We both feel great from all that relaxation and great food, great hikes and yoga.", Eileen and Tom, 3/10/01.

•  "I am still raving about the apple squash soup..", said Orestis and Diane C, 30 November 2000.

•  "We felt so at home that it was difficult to leave!", said Jeff and Elizabeth , 2/25/99.

•  July 15, 1998, Mary Meyers and Robert L wrote, "what a heavenly few days we had.."

•  Eric and Andrea Solomon wrote, "cozy and yummy", 4/5/98.

•  "We really enjoyed all the spa treatments and delicious food", Andrea and Chris, Iaco Dec 10 1998.

•  Matthew, Patience and Gregory Owens, "wish we could have stayed longer", 12-19-97.

•  Leonid Stein and Inna Farber wrote on 12/07/97, "“incredible  place for any occasion."

•  "I've been telling everyone about your place…", Franklin, 6/22/97.

•  Natasha Levine wrote on 2/5/93, "excellent food and gorgeous hiking dog."

•  Y. Nambu, 20 Feb 1992, “unforgettable experience."

•  Richard Lorenzen and Mary Carender wrote on 6/27/91, "better than Europe and no flying."

•  7/24/91 wrote, "A blessing for me. I went home lighter, fitter and calmer. The road to wellness starts at Copperhood", Tony Rubano.

•  6/20/90 Lynn and Bob Brick wrote, "this is a great retreat,  everything we wanted and more."

•  Laura and Tony Kimble wrote, "a very pleasant surprise indeed."