Massage Therapies

All of our therapists are professionally certified and licensed.  They use an eclectic blend of modalities, including Swedish, Esalen style, deep tissue, stretching and energy work to create the kind of session you want — a light soothing touch geared toward relaxation, or deeper, more vigorous, focused work to release tension from sore, contracted muscles and joints. 

We recommend that you take a warm shower and allow for
time to unwind with a sauna or soak in the whirlpool prior to your treatments.

  • Aromatherapy Massage $140/$200/$265
  • Reflexology 50 Minutes $120
  • Sports massage  $140/$200/$265
  • Couples massage (100 minutes, one therapist) $265
  • Couples massage (50 minutes, two therapists) $265
  • Pregnancy massage 50 minutes $140
  • Hot Stone Massage (75 minutes) $200
  • Swedish Massage $120/$180/$230
  • Deep Tissue Massage $140/$200/$265
  • Shiatsu Massage $140/$200/$265

Body Treatments

Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body.  The procedures cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your body as if it were the skin of your face.  Most of body treatments are also a gentle form of detoxification and re-mineralization that will help with cellulite, sagging skin, stretch marks, and help you seem to lose an inch or two and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.

  • Dead Sea Mud $150
  • Dead Sea Salt glow $150
  • Moor Mud wrap $150
  • Algae wrap $150
  • Herbal wrap $150
  • Seaweed wrap $150
  • Milk and Honey wrap $150

Facial Care

Our aesthetician will analyze and recommend specific treatment for your skin.  Most of our facials include a neck, shoulder and facial massage, as well as cleansing, steaming, and some extractions plus nourishing and moisturizing of hands in heated mitts.

  • Botanical facial $140
  • Eye Treatment/ add on to facial $65/45
  • Glycolic facial $125
  • Oxygenating facial $145
  • Vitamin C facial $145
  • Back facial $145
  • Teen Clean facial $145

Water Therapies

Ancient civilizations recognized the healing power of natural hot and cold water.  The Romans built outstanding communal baths because they believed in the value of hot and cold baths We followed the lead..  We feature an array of unique professional treatments derived from pure mineral and sea water, marine algae, muds and salts.  We offer the same methodology and formulations as the utmost
hydrotherapy centers in the world, thus reaching remarkable results. Hydrotherapy soaks, baths with additions of muds and minerals, underwater hydro-massage, Vichy shower affusion and scotch hose, steam room, hot tub and cold river dip are all elements of healing with water.

  • Vichy shower $150
  • Scotch hose $150
  • Colon hydrotherapy 50 minutes $175
  • Colon hydrotherapy 3 sessions  $435
  • Hydrotherapy bath treatment $150
  • Hydrotherapy soak 30 minutes $100

Ayurvedic & Alternative Therapies

Energy Medicine is any branch of alternative therapy or complementary medicine whose methods involve working with our natural energy field, called the life force, to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. These range from structured disciplines like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Reflexology to less defined systems like Reiki and Spiritual Healing. 
The terms "alternative"therapy is colloquially used to refer to all non-allopathic traditional methods of diagnosing, preventing, or treating various health problems.  The Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest medical systems with aim to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit.  This is believed to help prevent illness and promote wellness.  Homeopathy is another natural system of medicine that uses highly diluted doses of substances (plant or mineral product for instance) to stimulate the body's own healing response.  
Naturopathic medicine is the study and treatment of acute or chronic medical conditions using botanical (herbs), Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy as a preventative course of medical intervention.  Many clients find that these therapies relieve symptoms or side effects, ease pain, and enhance their lives with treatment. 

  • Reflexology 50 Minutes $120
  • Acupuncture 60 minutes $150
  • Indian Head Massage 50 minutes $140
  • Reiki 50 minutes $120

Signature & Combination Treatments

  • Sleep Surrender 50/75 minutes $155/$220
  • European body treatment 100 minutes $250
  • Holistic therapy package 100 minutes $250
  • Herbal body treatment 50 minutes $195
  • Scrub and herbal wrap 50 minutes $150
  • Thalasso therapy sampler 100 minutes $250
  • Seasonal Massage treatment 100 minutes $250 (Combination of Swedish/Shiatsu/hot stone/reflexology with steaming towels infused with essential oils. created /copyright 2010 by Mary Ellen Featured Fashion Journal February 2010.)

Fitness Services

  • One-on-one personal training $100
  • Tennis lesson 1/2 prsn $100
  • Private fitness/yoga, 1/2 prsn $100

Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Psychic reading 1 hr $160
  • Astrology 1 hr $160